Fueling Your Office!

How About a Nice Cup of Coffee? 

Bringing coffeehouse caliber coffee to your office. Increase employee satisfaction and productivity with on-site craft coffee. A variety of roasts and dispensing methods leads to the perfect cup for everyone in your office.

Our office break room distributors offer one-stop shopping for everything your employees crave for their mid-work treat!  From coffee and tea, to sweet and savory treats, our one-stop shop makes stocking your break room easy! 

Contact our team to learn more about getting a FREE coffee and treat tasting for your entire office, and taste the difference that quality coffee can bring to your business! 

Davis Woods - Sales - DWoods@ApotheosRoastery.com

Luke Hughes - Sales - LHughes@ApotheosRoastery

Interested in using your office coffee program to affect change in your local community?

Learn more about our giveback programs that use our industry standard office coffee pricing to giveback upwards of 20% of our profits to a cause of your choice*! 

*Apotheos Roastery will not contribute to:

    •    Individuals raising funds for personal activities

    •    Political organizations or candidates for public office

    •    Commercial events or promotions 

    •    Requests that are sensitive, controversial, or harmful or that pose a potential conflict of interest to Apotheos Roastery

    •    Organizations that discriminate on the basis of religion, age, color, sex, disability, national origin, ancestry, marital status, sexual orientation, or veteran status