Coffee-Related Charities To Support This Season

As the year comes to an end, we at Apotheos think it's more important than ever to share our gratitude.

That's why we take this moment to thank our dedicated customers for bringing our coffeehouses to life, and our new online community who now enjoy our roasts in all parts of the country.

We are grateful to our staff for working tirelessly to open the Kennesaw Roastery through the challenges of a pandemic, and all the frontline workers in our community who have done their part to keep us safe.

And, of course, we are grateful for the international coffee community, from the farmers who do the tough work of planting those precious beans, to the suppliers who deliver that cargo to our roasters in Georgia. Every single person plays an important role in making that delicious, essential beverage we all love so much.

So this holiday season, we encourage all of our valued customers to consider giving back, if they have the means to do so. Below are just a few coffee-related charities that you can donate to that will help the entire coffee-drinking world.

The Coffee Trust

In the coffee-growing region of San Gaspar Cajul, Guatemala, some 90% of residents live in poverty. The Coffee Trust has a stated mission to "help indigenous coffee farmers improve their agricultural practices, diversify their incomes, and raise healthy families."

Some of the Trust's major projects include efforts to:

  • Regenerate the soil and ecosystem;
  • Generate higher wages with more diverse crops;
  • Recover from a devastating coffee disease epidemic of 2014;
  • Educate children via scholarships;
  • Bolster health initiatives in the region.

CRF Coffeelands

Catholic Relief Services (CRF) is globally renowned for its efforts to assist farmers in need. Their Coffeelands initiative specifically helps coffee harvesters, with an emphasis on responsible water use in Latin America, East Asia, and Oceana. The initiative aims to help coffee planters:

  • Grow better coffee at higher yields;
  • Manage water resources responsibly, preventing water insecurity;
  • Improve farming practices to minimize drought and disease;
  • Pursue eco-friendly coffee policies in their respective countries.

Grounds for Health

Nearly 80% of coffee harvesters around the world are women. And in the developing world, where much of our coffee comes from, cervical cancer is the most common cancer, even though it is 100% preventable.

But due to the often rural, off-the-grid locations of coffee fields, many of these women do not have access to basic healthcare, let alone cervical cancer screenings and treatment.

This is where Grounds for Health is trying to make a difference.

According to their mission statement, the group "specialize[s] in working in communities that represent the base of global supply chains such as coffee, tea, cut flowers and cocoa." Their work in Ethiopia, Kenya, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, and Tanzania trains local health providers to screen and treat cervical cancer. In addition, they partner with local groups to lead prevention campaigns.

Coffee Kids

A subsidiary of the larger Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung organization, Coffee Kids empowers the children of coffee farmers to diversify their income and develop wealth within the coffee trade. Working in Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, and Tanzania, Coffee Kids provides young coffee growers with:

  • Entrepreneurship training to create financially viable farms;
  • Established farming mentors;
  • Resources to open local coffeeshops within the farming community;
  • Funding for coffee businesses in areas where banks don't operate.

Thank you!

From all of us here at Apotheos, we wish you and your family a happy, healthy, and caffeinated or decaffeinated New Year. We could not be more grateful for you.