At Apotheos, we believe that coffee is life. We don't need to remind you of that. But no drink is as quintessentially southern as freshly brewed sweet tea. When we opened our roastery and canning line here in Kennesaw, it was only a matter of time until we started brewing some teas to complement our signature cold-brew coffee.

As with our cold brew coffee, we never use boiling water when we prepare cold brew tea. Instead, we use the patient process of cold-brewing, where tea leaves set in room-temperature water for hours. What results is a smooth, never-bitter tea that sips perfectly every time.

Today, we have three varieties of cold-brewed tea for our customers to enjoy: a classic Atlanta sweet tea, an unsweetened cold brew, and an exclusive Juicy Peach flavor that tastes like Georgia in a can. It's been about a month since our newest creations hit the shelves, and so far, all three have been a hit with our customers. So how did we put our modern twist on these southern classics? Read on.

Sweet Tea

Whether you have southern roots or have simply passed through, you probably know that we don't hold back when it comes to sweetness. (Subtle isn't a word we usually use when describing sweet tea). But not all sweetness is the same.

No one wants their sweet tea to leave a chalky aftertaste in their mouth, but most products you find in the store do just that. That's the result of excessive syrup that sticks to your palette, or worse, artificial sweeteners that linger in your mouth for hours. Yuck.

At Apotheos, we use nothing but pure organic cane sugar to sweeten our black tea. Through trial and error, we've discovered a perfect ratio that allows us to use 25% less sugar than our competitors, while still creating a flavor that is at once nostalgic and original.

Unsweetened Tea

Unsweetened tea often gets a bad rap because of its bitterness. But when we cold brew our tea instead of using the traditional boiling method, we extract all of the flavor with none of the bitterness. What results is a perfectly-smooth cold brew tea you can drink any time of day.

As with our sweet tea, our unsweetened sipper is made with organic, fair-trade black tea leaves. And like our cold brew coffee, we infuse it with a tiny dose of nitrogen before sealing it in its can. What results is a foamy mouthfeel with every sip, as well as a natural sweetness that requires no sugar.

Juicy Peach

Our tea lineup wouldn't be complete without a nod to the Georgia peach. But the perfect peach-flavored tea didn't develop overnight. It took countless batches with countless permutations of flavors to finally arrive at this perfectly-balanced, completely-original flavor.

From the beginning, we knew we didn't want our peach tea to taste like candy. The flavor had to be notable but not overwhelming, sweet but not syrupy, and above all, completely refreshing.

Over time, we tried all sorts of peach combinations, experimenting with flavors like blueberry, pineapple, and dragon fruit. With each batch, we'd conduct a taste test with our team, accepting the feedback as it came. Just like cold brewing a batch of tea, the whole process required patience. But hey, the whole reason we built the roastery was so we could take time to truly test our flavors, to listen to our customers, and to always strive to make something that's closer to perfection.

What ultimately resulted is a combination of light peach and ginger, which adds a perfect kick to the smoothly balanced beverage.

What's up next?

We're always working on something. Keep your eyes peeled to our website for our next original tea flavor.