The Buzz on our Coffee Subscription Service

For nearly thirty years, we've been serving coffee and building a community in the Atlanta area. But in the past year, as so many of us have suffered from pandemic isolation, we at Apotheos have found a way to build the community beyond our city limits.

Our coffee subscription service has introduced our diverse array of roasts to new customers across the country. And since we ship to all 50 states, there's no telling how large that community can become.

So how does the subscription service work? And how can you join that community of Apotheos coffee fiends? Read ahead to learn more.

Monthly Membership

The Apotheos coffee subscription service delivers a variety of craft roasted coffees directly to your door on a monthly basis. It's such a good deal that as a daily coffee drinker, you're practically wasting money by not subscribing.

That's because, whether you opt for one, two, or three bags of coffee a month, the subscription will assure that you're always paying less. And don't fret over the commitment. You can make your subscription last as long or as short as you choose, though we have a feeling you'll want to keep the coffee coming for the long-haul.


If you want a basic coffee subscription, you can choose between one and three bags of ground or whole-bean coffee per month. Our online ordering form lets you choose which of our various blends or single-location roasts you may want.

But for those with a sense of caffeinated adventure, you can subscribe to the Alchemy Series. This subscription still brings you one to three bags of coffee per month, but it adds a 4-ounce sample of a special, experimental roast only available for our subscribers.

Each Alchemy batch is the brainchild of our master roaster, Jason White, who is always on the lookout for exciting and unique coffee roasts. Each month, he makes an exclusive roast for our Alchemy subscribers, which includes a little blurb about the tasting profiles in the package. Members of our subscription community are always encouraged to send us their feedback, so we can continue to make the best coffee roasts available.

This month, Alchemy subscribers will receive a 4-ounce bag of our perennial special, Java Holiday. This dark roast is rich and plush, with subtle chocolate notes—perfect for the impending holiday season.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for our coffee subscription service today, and become part of our Apotheos community, no matter where you live.