The World's Top Coffee Producers

When you buy a bag of Apotheos coffee, you know it's been roasted within the last week right here in Kennesaw, Georgia. But what makes our roasts so special is that they represent coffee beans from around the world.

Whether you prefer a single-origin coffee or one of our signature blends, Apotheos coffee uses only fair-trade, organic beans from the world's best suppliers. So, from where does all this delicious joe originate?

Take a look at the graphic below, highlighting what's called the Bean Belt.

Coffee can only grow in warm, tropical climates, which is why all of the world's coffee beans originate from this strip between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.

So which countries are most responsible for our collective coffee habit? Let's count down the five biggest coffee producers in the world.

5. Ethiopia

Centuries ago, Ethiopia was the region where humans first grew and brewed Arabica coffee. Today, the plant's birthplace produces about 4.3% of all of the world's coffee. Ethiopian farmers yield nearly 7.3 million 60kg bags of their full-bodied beans each year.

4. Indonesia

This chain of islands in the Pacific produces about 7% of the world's coffee, though not all Indonesian coffee is the same. In fact, the country's responsible for some of the world's rarest coffee varieties. Take Kopi Luwak, for instance. This rare coffee plant is actually consumed by the civet cat, a tiny mammal that ferments the coffee cherries inside their bodies, before excreting them. You read that correctly. The coffee beans that, well, exit the civet cats are considered incredibly valuable, and incredibly delicious when brewed. Check out this graphic to learn more.

3. Colombia

Though it ranks at number 3, many assume that Colombia is the world's largest exporter of coffee. That's because it is the most popular single-origin roast. Aromatic, mild, and sweet, the unique flavor of Colombian coffee is pretty familiar to most American drinkers. The South American nation produces about 8.4% of the world's coffee supply, yielding some 14.3 million 60kg bags per year.

2. Vietnam

Vietnam is the world's second-largest producer of coffee, but there's a good chance you've never tasted it. That's because the country's niche is Robusta coffee, as opposed to the Arabica variety that's familiar to most Americans. Robusta coffee is considerably more bitter than Arabica, but can be just as delicious. Altogether, Vietnam produces 17% of the world's coffee, and about 40% of world's Robusta.

1. Brazil

Nothing gets close to Brazil when it comes to coffee production. The South American giant is responsible for over 37% of the world's coffee supply, yielding over 63 million bags a year. Brazil's coffee production is unique in that farmers allow coffee cherries to dry in direct sunlight without being washed first. What results is a heavy, chocolatey flavor that makes Brazilian coffee perfect for espresso drinks.

Of course, countries are made up of people—real humans who do the back-breaking work of producing this crop we love so much. At Apotheos, we never take for granted the intense labor that goes into cultivating these beautiful beans. We are always grateful for the countless people who toil in the hot sun, all so we can enjoy that perfect morning cup.